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New and Upcoming Titles

Babies Nurse • Así se alimentan los bebés


Baby mammals—whether pandas, puppies, or people—nurse. This bond is precious; this process, a natural art.

This stunning collaboration between a children's librarian and an NBA-player-turned-watercolor-artist introduces readers to a collection of baby animals doing what comes naturally—nursing. The luminous illustrations and lyrical, bilingual text give children a glimpse into the worlds of 13 different mammal babies, while compelling childhood facts broaden the reader’s knowledge about each species.

The overarching theme of breastfeeding inspires conversations about parenting, biology, habitats, survival, and more, making this book an engaging choice for young children as well as elementary school readers.

Carried and Cuddled • Cargados y mimados


Babies, whether in snowy dens, warm lagoons, cozy nests, or living rooms, are carried and cuddled, nurtured and nuzzled. This bilingual book is a celebration of the bond between parent and child across the animal kingdom. Stunning images and elegant verse will capture the curiosity of even the youngest readers, while the bilingual text makes this sweet storybook accessible to speakers of both English and Spanish.

In the back of the book, discussion guides, English and Spanish animal vocabulary, and information about a child’s first food encourage children to learn more about these 18 animals. The book introduces early science concepts, such as habitats, by asking kids to compare their neighborhood to the jungle, ocean, or arctic. An extensive Teacher’s Guide, available for free download in English and Spanish, enhances the book’s content, increasing learning opportunities.

Una guía rápida para dormir sin peligro con su bebé

This booklet is the abridged version of our award-winning book Sleeping with Your Baby, now in Spanish! Provides information about the benefits and risks of co-sleeping. Contains all the key facts from Sleeping with Your Baby in an attractive format. Perfect hand-out for new parents!