In April 2017 Dia gave a talk on the relationship between the word gap and the breastfeeding gap at GOLD Lactation's annual online breastfeeding conference.

Each child is born with the same capacity to learn as the next, however not every child lives up to this potential. Can we tackle this ever-widening gap at the beginning of a child’s life? We can by focusing on the word gap, the differential in the number of words children in different socio-economic groups hear in the first 1000 days; which equals over 30 million words a year. We will explore not only different ways healthcare professionals can help families overcome the word gap, but also demonstrate the very real connection between the word gap and the breastfeeding gap.

View a teaser of the talk on GOLD's YouTube page here.

Interested in Bilingual reading? Read our article, New Early Childhood Book Helps Grown Bilingual Kids to learn more about how learning another language impacts children.

Scotland welcomes breastfeeding moms!

The Moms on the Hill Family Fest in Washington, D.C. was so much fun! Platypus Media attended and showed our wonderful books. Here are a few pictures from the show!

The Capitol Hill BookFest took place May 1 at Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. Platypus Media and our sister imprint, Science, Naturally, were in attendance! Here are a few pictures from the show! (Photo Credit: Photos (c) Bruce Guthrie)

President Dia Michels was recently on Marie Biancuzzo's show, Born to be Breastfed. You can hear their chat about the Word Gap here:

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On Tuesday, March 15, Platypus Media president, Dia Michels, will be speaking at the Interactive Sharing Conference co-sponsored by the Maryland Coalition of Lactation Consultants, GBMNC and Lactation Education Resources. This meeting takes place at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Towson, Maryland. Click here to learn more about the conference, directions, and how to register.

She will host two sessions called "Can You Safely Sleep With Your Baby?" and "1000 Days in Gap City: Exploring the relationship between the breastfeeding gap and the word gap."

Platypus Media president, Dia Michels, Discusses the Writing Process and What's Involved in Publishing Non-Fiction at Yu Ying Public Charter School

Dia Michels, author and/or editor of over a dozen books for kids and adults, will be working with the first graders at the Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School in Washington, DC, on Friday, November 6. Dia will be participating in their unit on writing books.

The five-book Look What I See, Where Can I Be? books will be the focus on Dia’s talk. Many of these books were photographed in the DC metro area, so the kids can relate to the content in the books. Look What I See, Where Can I Be? Visiting China was photographed thousands of miles from the Yu Ying Public Charter School, but will resonate with the Chinese focus of the school.

Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School was the first public school in Washington, DC, to offer Chinese language immersion combined with inquiry-based curricula.

In addition to being an author, Dia is also founder and president of Science, Naturally, which publishes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) books for upper elementary and middle schools.

Bill would require airports to designate space for breastfeeding
Illinois Democrat, Rep. Tammy Duckworth, introduced a bill that would require medium and large airports to designate areas in each terminal for breastfeeding mothers to feed. These areas would be separate from restrooms. (Check out the link above and see an interview with Platypus Media President, Dia L. Michels!)

Family Health and Birth Center Visit

Platypus Media president, Dia L. Michels, delivers boxes of materials and child books, booklets, and CDs to the Community of Hope’s Family Health and Birth Center (FHBC) on 17th Street, NE. Platypus Media, a Capitol Hill-based, woman-owned independent press, creates and distributes products that promote attachment and breastfeeding. The materials will be used to help support the Center’s work by educating pregnant women and new parents on breastfeeding, infant care, and sibling relationships. This donation was made possible through a generous grant from the Capitol Hill Community Foundation.


Check out Dia's interview with Dr. Susanne on her show, Wellness for Life. Titled, Breastfeeding Awareness Week, they discuss breastfeeding myths and facts and tips for breastfeeding success.

Platypus Media president Dia Michels has made several appearances on the radio show, Talks With Sheba.
In the interview, titledTo Breast Feed or Not: Dad's Support Matters, they discuss the decline of mothers choosing to breastfeed their newborns.

Breastfeeding in the News
In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, check out the following interviews with Platypus Media president, Dia L. Michels.

In this Born to be Breastfed interview with Marie Biancuzzo, she and Dia Michels talk about current issues in breastfeeding news--from IBM's new program that helps breastfeeding mothers send home breastmilk while they are traveling (for free!), to new laws making it easier for mothers to breastfeed in airports and businesses, and more.